Mac mini 2009 thunderbolt display

Now this mini DisplayPort must be version 1.

Any insights? DisplayPort 1. When you use a Thunderbolt 1 computer with a DisplayPort monitor, you do need to use a Mini DisplayPort cable, not a Thunderbolt 1 or 2 cable.

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If you are using a Mini DisplayPort cable, we recommend you narrow down the issue further. If possible, also test the Thunderbolt 1 port with another monitor. If you are troubleshooting a StarTech.

Apple has apparently added an unnecessary limitation to its $999 Thunderbolt …

Im using display port cable and thunderbolt port is working on Mac Im using it with other monitor. Any idea why? It will also be used to watch BluRay movies and occasionally even some over-the-air television shows.

Computer applications include browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing, and some video editing, but no gaming. Sabrent says that it connects via Thunderbolt 2. Can you please let me know if my plan looks workable?

How do I make the Mac Mini compatible with the Thunderbolt Display.

Do you seen any pitfalls? This looks a like a question for our Technical Support team. The monitor claims that it does have signals from the displayports. I have tried both a thunderbolt cable, and a mini-displayport to displayport cable that came with the monitor. Thanks in advance. So, the only way to get dual screen capability out of the StarTech docking station as pictured above is to have a real Thunderbolt display?

Thanks for your help. Hi Kevin, I would definitely suggest chatting with our Technical Support team if you have questions about one of our docking stations.

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We are actually working on an update for this post right now, to incorporate more technologies and situations. Stay tuned for new post! Any ways around this? Hi Keven, thanks for contacting us. Thank you! I am trying to connect to monitors to my MacBook Air. I connected the HDMI with the thunderbolt and is working fine. Can a thunderbolt port support two monitors?

Hey Harrison, we will need a little bit more information to help you with this. The captive i. If the host uses Thunderbolt version 1 or 2, it will have one or more Mini DisplayPort-shaped Thunderbolt ports, into which you can plug the cable from the display directly. Note that earlier Apple display models, such as the Cinema Displays, know nothing of Thunderbolt and will happily accept plain old DisplayPort input.

Is Target Display Mode simply not an option with my iMac? Hi Karen! Great question. According to Apple, the Either way, having one or both probably means that you had to connect a number of Apple devices […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Super Search. Connecting you with tips, trends and news for all things connectivity. Tags: Mini DisplayPort , Thunderbolt. Share this article:. Wiggles 4 years ago Reply. Customize your setup to meet your needs and connect your laptop with the included cable to begin working. This dock also allows you to daisy chain up to four more Thunderbolt devices which totals to five. Its compatibility with Mac and PC makes your work less hassle. However, you should be working on with at least a Mac OS X v A separate port is also designed for the microphone or any line-in audio source.

Streamlining any workflow is more convenient and flexible as you are allowed to interconnect up to five USB 3. You can daisy chain up to five Thunderbolt devices and connect up to ten devices with an amazing 20 Gbps. However, the utilization of the ultimate display setup must be configured first for a better workflow. The dock includes a high-powered USB 3. It also gives power to bus-powered hard drives, SSDs, or optical drives. When adding USB 3. Check price on Amazon or Add to Cart on Amazon.

Apple's Thunderbolt Display Explored and Explained

Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock allows you to interconnect and daisy chain up to four more Thunderbolt devices to your MacBook or Ultrabook with its two Thunderbolt 2 ports. Using the built-in HDMI, you can connect one display with up to 4K resolution or you can just connect with your Thunderbolt connector. The dock is designed with three USB 3. A port for the microphone input and amplified audio output are designed separately for you to enjoy clearer conference calls.

Additionally, the dock has software that accessibly ejects all of the storage devices at the same time enabling you to leave it with no hassle. Elgato Thunderbolt 2 dock assures you an escalated wired network performance with its built-in Gigabit Ethernet port. The connectivity and specifications were improved to meet the quality standard with a new level of connectivity and streamlining. A single Thunderbolt cable allows you to connect to the modern streamlined devices. The improvement includes an awesome functionality hosting new features which allows the creation of the ultimate Thunderbolt device.

With its total compatibility to the 4K workflow, you can now work on with an amazing performance. The Thunderbolt 2 technology is designed with three USB 3. It enables you to transfer your files faster than the original. For the display output, you can access one HDMI port and for the wired network access, you can use one Gigabit Ethernet port. This dock uses a small workspace and it is compatible in charging your devices even if you are offline.

The Gigabit Ethernet port can access a wired network connection while you can daisy chain using the two Thunderbolt 2 ports. As it functions up to 20 Gbps with an extended speed bandwidth, it assures high-speed connection when transferring your files.


This is four times faster than the USB 3. This dock allows you to connect multiple devices in a single cable keeping your connection easier than ever. The 4K UHD also allows you to watch and transfer full HD videos as clear as possible maintaining the speed of your file transfer. Daisy chaining a total of five Thunderbolt devices is also allowed. Like the other docks, this dock allows you to charge your gadgets even if your desktop is shut down or offline through the front-facing USB port.

Additionally, a separate 5.

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Although it has not provided so much information, the Akitio Thunder 2 Dock weighs up to 2. With its 6.